Sandvik | QI341 | compact mobile impactor

///Sandvik | QI341 | compact mobile impactor
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Built utilising Sandvik’s market leading PrisecTM technology, the QI341 is the most versatile, compact mobile impactor in the market today. Capable of operating in primary and secondary applications, it has been designed with productivity, mobility, minimal environmental impact and user friendliness at its core.
The QI341 is available with an optional hanging screen system, which will allow customers an even greater return on investment through the facility to produce accurately sized products for immediate use.

Sandvik qi341 mobile impactor
Sandvik qi341 mobile impactor
Sandvik qi341 mobile impactor


  • The Sandvik PrisecTM impactor is the most flxible impactor currently available on the market designed to meet tight end product specifiations.
  • The machine is fited with a pre-screen to ensure maximum scalping capability in order to prevent any undersize material passing through the impactor, thereby maximising throughput and reducing wear costs. This also allows a specifid sized product to be produced from the natural fies conveyor.
  • The QI341 is fited with an underpan feeder which drastically reduces any spillage issues generally associated with impact crushers. The underpan feeder eliminates the need for skirt rubbers that are normally situated in the severe impact zone of a feed boot.
  • The underpan feeder also protects the conveyor belt from high velocity material from the rotor. This material is contained on the wear resistant underpan feeder liners and gently delivered onto the conveyor belt.
  • Two hydraulically adjustable apron curtains can be positioned to facilitate the machine’s operation as a Primary impactor, however they can also be repositioned to operate as a Secondary impactor to produce much smaller end products.
  • All of the above combined with the variable engine speed which gives a tip speed range of 30 m/s to 37 m/s resulting in a wide range product gradations being achievable.
  • Capable of operating in the most hostile environments with a 50°C ambient temperature capability without any oil changes.


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